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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Lady Lynx netters are inaugural Metro Conference runners-up
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

October 01. 2013 11:52AM
O’Gorman won all six flights of singles and all three double flights to easily win the inaugural Metro Conference girls tennis tournament played Saturday at McKennan Park in Sioux Falls.

Despite O’Gorman’s dominance, Brandon Valley claimed runner-up honors behind the second place finishes of Leandra Marais (No. 5 singles) and the No. 2 doubles team of Hannah Mutschelknaus and Makenzie Marso.

Brandon Valley also landed three consolation title wins. Those came from Jessica Sadler (No. 2 singles), Marso (No. 4 singles), Maris and Logan Hawkins (No. 3 doubles).

“Second was huge for us,” said Lynx head coach Jesse Gladis. “We played with each of the Sioux Falls teams this year, but only got a win over Lincoln. So to come out and be second is more than I could have asked the girls for. I’m proud of the girls for this day of tennis.”

It seemed that we got knocked down today, only to get back up stronger.

Marais opened with a solid 10-3 win against Washington’s Alyssa Schmidt, and in the title match, lost 10-0 to O’G’s Mary Billion.

Mutschelknaus and Marso defeated Lincoln 10-5, but fell short in the 10-2 championship match loss, also to O’G.

“The girls played well all day,” Gladis said. “They came off tough matches to play some of their best tennis (and though) it seemed that we got knocked down today, (it made us) get back up stronger.”

Gladis was excited about the play of Logan, who subbed in for Emily Konz. “She played great and earned some huge points for us,” he said. “Today, every point counted because of the 10-point spread that separated second to fourth place.”

Hawkins defeated Roosevelt’s Allison Eichaker 10-1 and then suffered a 10-3 setback by O’G’s Abi Kosiak. That set the stage for a consolation final against Washington’s Sadie Goodhope, who defeated the Lynx player 8-4.

“I don’t know if there was a match all day that we weren’t in even with some of the lopsided scores with O’Gorman. In each loss, we played great and hopefully walked away from matches with something learned,” Gladis said. “I couldn’t be more proud of the girls today – this is what they have worked for!”

This Thursday, the Lady Lynx compete for the ESD Conference title at Pierre, with the state tournament to follow Oct. 10-12 in Brandon and Sioux Falls.


Saturday at McKennan Park

Team points - O’Gorman 450, Brandon Valley 150, Lincoln 147, Washington 140, Roosevelt 55.

No. 1 singles - Jess Ackert (SFL) def. Erin Buse (BV) 10-8; Berkley Darr (SFW) def. Kasey Shogren (SFR) 10-5; Morgan Brower (SFO) def. Ackert 10-1; Shogren def. Buse 10-8-1.1st: Brower def. Darr 10-4. Consolation final: Ackert def. Shogren 8-1.

No. 2 singles - Jessica Sadler (BV) def. Gabi Schmidt (SFL) 10-5; Mical Johnson (SFW) def. Mackenzie VanderWoude (SFR) 10-1; Jenna Czarnecki (SFO) def. Sadler 10-2; Schmidt def. VanderWoude 8-1 1st: Czarnecki def. Johnson 10-7. Consolation final: Sadler def. Schmidt 8-4.

No. 3 singles - Libby Nachtigal (SFW) def. Hannah Mutschelknaus (BV) 10-4; Lexy Ronning (SFR) def. Meredith Benson (SFL); Samantha Czarnecki (SFO) def. Nachtigal 10-3. 1st: Czarnecki def. Ronning 10-8. Consolation final: Benson def. Nachtigal 8-3.

No. 4 singles - Anna Goodhope (SFW) def. Reannae Tague (SFR) 10-3; Emily Whitney (SFL) def. Makenzie Marso (BV) 10-4; Sidney Brower (SFO) def. Goodhope 10-4; Marso def. Tague 8-4. 1st: Brower def. Whitney 10-3. Consolation final: Marso def. Goodhope 8-3.

No. 5 singles - Emma Johnson (SFL) def. Morgan Johnson (SFR) 10-4; Leandra Marais (BV) def. Alyssa Schmidt (SFW) 10-3; Mary Billion (SFO) def. E. Johnson 10-1; Schmidt def. M. Johnson 8-2. 1st: Billion def. Marais 10-0. Consolation final: Schmidt def. E. Johnson 8-6.

No. 6 singles - Logan Hawkins (BV) def. Allison Eichaker (SFR) 10-1; Jesse Rames (SFL) def. Sadie Goodhope (SFW) 10-7; Abi Kosiak (SFO) def. Hawkins 10-3; Goodhope def. Eichacker 8-4. 1st: Kosiak def. Rames 10-3. Consolation final: Goodhope def. Hawkins 8-4.

No. 1 doubles - BV def. SFL 10-7; SFW def. SFR 10-2; O’G def. BV 10-3; SFR def. SFL 8-2. 1st: O’G def. SFW 10-5. Consolation final: SFR def. BV 8-6.

No. 2 doubles - SFW def. SFR 10-7; BV def. SFL 10-5; O’G def. SFW 10-3; SFL def. SFR 8-0. 1st: O’G def. BV 10-2. Consolation final: SFL def. SFW 8-2.

No. 3 doubles - BV def. SFR 10-4; SFL def. SFW 10-3; O’G def. BV 10-1; SFW def. SFR 8-4 1st: O’G def. SFL 10-7. Consolation final: BV def. SFW 8-1.

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