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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Local volunteer help available for Medicare Part D beneficiaries
By Staff reports

October 04. 2013 9:16AM
Senior Health Information and Education (SHIINE) volunteers will be available to help people compare their Medicare Part D plans in the Sioux Falls area by calling 333-3314 for an appointment. Outside of Sioux Falls call 1-800-536-8197 for information where to get local help in their county area.

Trained SHIINE volunteers will be on hand to assist individuals with enrollment, answer questions, and help fill out paperwork. The annual open enrollment period for Part D began Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 7.

Administered by the SD Department of Social Services, SHIINE is a federally funded program that advocates for, educates and assists consumers with Medicare and related health information, to allow consumers to make timely and informed decisions and access necessary resources. The program is free for eligible seniors.

For more information on SHIINE or open enrollment events in your area, contact SHIINE Regional Coordinator Tom Hoy at 1-800-536-8197 or visit

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