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Sunday, March 01, 2015
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Emergency plan activated at FAE
Standoff in Sioux Falls neighborhood prompts safety measuresred A
By By Jill Meier & Mark Walker
Argus Leader Media

October 10. 2013 9:32AM
Last week when a Sioux Falls man barricaded himself inside a northern Sioux Falls home, it prompted school administrators and area law enforcement to activate emergency safety measures at Fred Assam Elementary.

The school, which is part of the Brandon Valley School District and is located in Sioux Falls’ city limits, was the holding grounds for students who live in northern Sioux Falls neighborhood.

According to district business manager Paul Lundberg, parents were notified of the situation through a school notification system just after 2 p.m. Law enforcement and school officials made the decision to keep FAE students, and bus middle and high school students who live in the area along Cliff Avenue north of Interstate 90, to FAE, which is located on Six Mile Road.

All of the students were required to be picked up by their parents.

FAE Principal Sue Foster said the implemented emergency safety measures went off without a hitch.

“It went absolutely wonderful,” she said. “One hundred percent of the feedback I received in emails or phone calls were from parents saying thanks for keeping the kids safe,” she said.

Before the end of day, Foster said about 70 FAE students were told there was a situation in their neighborhood that did not allow them to be bused home. Foster said some students did their homework and others colored while they waited for a parent to pick them up.

“We didn’t let them run around,” she said.

The majority of parents picked up the estimated 70 FAE student and 30 middle and high school students combined by about 4 p.m., Foster said. The last student was picked up by 5:15 p.m.

“They really dismissed fast,” she said.

Superintendent Dave Pappone who was away from the district that day but in contact by phone, said he was impressed with how district staff and law enforcement handled the situation.

“It went very well,” he said, “and I was very happy with the way may team handled it.”

While the local school district has an emergency manual, Pappone said a situation like last week, is not in the manual. “The plan doesn’t include things happening somewhere else,” he said.

Ironically so, Pappone said district officials are scheduled to review the emergency plans in the coming months.

The standoff
After several hours last Wednesday, SWAT team units were able to get David Jeremy Neuroth Jr., 36, to surrender and come out of his cousin’s home at 1309 E. 70th St. through the use of a flash-bang device. Neuroth’s cousin was in the home for a few hours before authorities were able to get him out, Sheriff Mike Milstead said.

Neuroth was wanted for breaking into a home Tuesday in the 660 block of North Ninth Ave. at 7:30 p.m. He reportedly broke a window to the front door and was trying to get inside. Residents locked themselves inside a bathroom and called 911.

Police later determined Neuroth had taken shelter at his cousin’s home and authorities spent much of Wednesday outside the home.
Shortly after 9:20 a.m., police blocked the road in the area of North Golden Nugget Avenue and East 70th Street while crews worked to remove the subject.

Residents in surrounding homes were placed under a shelter-in-place order, and those trying to get into the neighborhood were barred from their homes.

Numerous attempts were made to contact Neuroth by phone while he was in the home. When those attempts failed, police moved the barricade closer to the home and brought in a negotiator to persuade him to give himself up peacefully.

“We did have to do some damage to the house. Using a bear cat, we did take out the front door, but we were able to get this individual in custody on some serious charges,” Milstead said.

Neuroth is being charged with first-degree burglary and aggravated assault.

Milstead said Neuroth had no weapons on him when he was apprehended.

Tatyana Ibrisevic, 29, and her three children were among the residents forced to take shelter in their homes for hours.

“We were shocked,” she said. “Right now I’m scared to even let my kids go out of the house because you never know what’s going on.”

Dan Smith, 69, has lived on East 68th Street for five years. When he left his home to go to the store, he noticed a couple police cars in his neighborhood.

“I went about my way and assumed that they would be gone when I got back,” he said.
He returned an hour later to find even more squad cars had moved in.

“There were a whole line of cars, police presence, and a bunch of serious looking SWAT team guys in uniform carrying guns,” Smith said. “This is not normal. The only activity that usually happens around here is at the park when kids swing. This is a pretty quiet neighborhood.”

Emergency safety measures were implemented at Fred Assam Elementary, where students who live in a northern Sioux Falls neighborhood where a standoff was occurring, were kept at the school until a parent picked them up. Challenger file photo

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