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Monday, March 02, 2015
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Daily pocket change could fund intermediate school

October 15. 2013 2:44PM
At the Oct. 14th meeting the school board will be reviewing a proposal from central office administrators to move forward with the construction of a new intermediate school to serve grades five and six. Consolidating these two grades into one building makes sense on many levels. It puts students of the same maturity level into one spot, it creates room for future growth at the middle school and elementary schools, it creates efficiency in distribution of resources and provides a learning environment that can be specifically designed to meet the academic and social needs of young adolescents.

The central office administrators will propose a plan that minimizes the need for asking taxpayers for help. Less than half of the estimated $12 million project would need to come from a voter-approved bond issue due to funding capacity in the districtís Capital Outlay Fund. Administrators will be asking the school board to approve a resolution asking voters to decide if raising $5.95 million from a bond issue is an acceptable cost to get the much needed space for its learners in the middle grades.

With interest rates still comparatively low, the estimated levy increase would be just $0.28 per thousand of valuation. So, on a $100,000 home the cost would be $28 per year, which is under 8 cents per day, and on a $300,000 home the cost is under 25 cents per day. By using the Capital Outlay fund to help with the project, it only takes daily pocket change to provide the space needed.

Brandon Valley is a strong community that has always been proud of its schools and supportive of its children. Central administrators are hopeful the school board will approve the recommendation to ask the voters for help. This project, recommended by the Facilities Review Committee last spring, would be a great step forward in responding to the districtís continuing enrollment growth and in better alignment of the districtís learning environments to the specific needs of its learners. Check out next weekís Challenger as it reports on the school boardís action on this important issue.

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