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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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BV parents: Thank you for attending conferences

October 15. 2013 2:45PM
Parent-teacher conferences were held in Brandon Valley last week. Several years ago the district moved the conferences to a date earlier in the semester so that parents can be kept informed while there is still time to affect the semester grade. We are always gratified by the number of parents who make time in their busy schedules to attend.

The district also helps parents stay in touch with how their children are doing in the classroom through the family access portal. Parents can see the real time grade book for their children by logging into their private accounts. In addition, most teachers in the district post assignments and other information of their web pages that are accessible through the building home pages.

Keeping our families informed and connected with school plays an important part in creating successful learning environments of students in Brandon Valley. It is through this partnership with our families that we can help our students maximize their learning time in and out of school. The support parents provide is an essential ingredient in the BV formula for success. We want to thank the parents who were able to make it to conferences and invite those who were not able to attend to feel free to communicate with their child’s teacher anytime.

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