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Friday, March 27, 2015
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Lynx dancers land 2nd in pom, kick and jazz at O’G Invite
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

October 15. 2013 3:09PM
The Lady Lynx competitive dance team finished second to Sioux Falls Washington for the fourth time this season. This time, the runner-up placing came at Thursday’s O’Gorman Invite.

The Brandon Valley dancers took second in three divisions: pom, kick and jazz, while the Lady Lynx competitive cheer team finished seventh in the 13-team invitational.

“We had a good night of competition, and are getting closer to closing the margins between Brandon Valley and Washington High School dance teams,” said BV dance coach Tracy Kuhn. “We have a lot of work to do over the next couple of weeks but still have our goals set high for ESD and state!”

After posting a top place finish at the Huron Invite a week earlier, the Lady Lynx dance team registered nearly 20 points less at O’Gorman to position the team in seventh.

“The changes we made to the routine looked great, which was the goal for the night,” BV cheer coach Katee Lane said. “We had a few deductions we will need to deal with, but we’ll be more than ready for the BV Invite on Tuesday!”

The Lynx cheer and dance teams hosted the Lynx Invite Tuesday.

“We hope to have our best event yet this season for our home crowd,” Kuhn said.

Next week, the teams will compete for two conference titles. On Monday, Oct. 14, Washington will host the Metro Championship and the ESD Championship will be decided on Oct. 17 at Yankton.

O’Gorman Invite
Cheer Grand Champion Standings: O’Gorman 223.5; Watertown 221.0; Rapid City Stevens 214.5; Roosevelt 203.0; Sioux Valley 199.0; Brookings 192.5; Brandon Valley 188.0; Lincoln 180-5; Yankton 168.5; Rapid City Central 168.0; Pierre 165.5; Dell Rapids 155.0; Lake Preston 119.5.

Jazz: SFW 279; Brandon Valley 268; Yankton 262.5; Watertown 238; SFR 235; Pierre 202; RCS 181.5.

Kick: Yankton 258, Brandon Valley 253, Watertown 249, SFR 244, Pierre 222.5, RC Central 212.5, O’G 197.5.

Pom: SFW 256; Brandon Valley 237.5; Watertown 218; Yankton 212; RCC 201; SFR 201; Brookings 187.5; SFW 178; O’G 175.5; RCS 145.

Dance Grand Champion Standings: SFW 268.6; Brandon Valley 252.8; Yankton 244.5; Watertown 235; SFR 222.8; Pierre 217.3; RCC 217.3; SFW JV 195.25; Brookings 187.5; RCS 163.25.

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