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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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MCAP production includes art show
By Alica P. Thiele
Challenger reporter

October 18. 2013 9:16AM
The Mighty Corson Art Players welcomes Tasia Hillestad of Sioux Falls as the guest artist for “Take a Number, Darling,” which opens at the Corson Playouse Oct. 18.

Hillestad created the painting of Ilona that audiences will see onstage in the show. In addition, several of Hillestad’s works adorn the lobby of the Corson Playhouse.

Hillestad grew up in Sioux Falls and started painting her freshman year at Washington High School. Her teacher, Bonnie Hale, sparked her interest in portrait painting. “My love for art just snowballed from there,” Hillestad said.

Hillestad’s husband, Jade, is an artist as well. They have a large office area in their home that they use as a studio. “However, my favorite is to sprawl out my paints and canvas on the floor in the living room and spend hours lying down, working on a painting,” she said.

She loves to draw with both pencil and charcoal and is an aspiring photographer as well.

Many of Hillestad’s pieces are for sale. She sells her work at shows, and she does consignment pieces, such as the painting for MCAP's current show. Many of her works can be seen on her Facebook page, and she and her husband are creating a website that will be available soon.

“I love to create something beautiful and emotionally moving and know that I alone am responsible for the result,” Hillestad said.

Tasia Hillestad of Sioux Falls created the painting of Ilona that audiences will see onstage of the Mighty Corson Art Players production of "Take a Number, Darling," which begins tonight. Submitted photo

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