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Thursday, December 25, 2014
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Fishing for the fun it!
Brandon Boss Gobblers treat special kids to special outdoor adventure
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

October 24. 2013 9:31AM
Kaedence Kasdorf can’t talk but that didn’t keep laughter from spilling out of the 5-year-old girl from Estelline last week.

Accompanied by her mom, Kim Kasdorf, and grandmother, Florence Eischens, Kaedence couldn’t contain herself as one fish after another latched onto the worm at the end of her fishing pole.

“She’s all excited because grandma’s excited,” Kim Kasdorf said.

Kaedence was one of about 100 kids from the Children’s Care Hospital and School that was treated to a day of fishing at the Baum’s manmade pond. It’s the third year the Baums have teamed up with the Brandon Boss Gobblers, the local chapter of the Wild Turkey Federation, in the endeavor.

“It’s so rewarding to watch these kids,” said Robin Baum. “They get so excited. It’s beyond words. They kiss the fish. They jump up and down. It’s so awesome that they have this much fun.”

Proceeds from the Brandon Boss Gobblers’ annual Wild Turkey Benefit, which is always the last Friday in January, and from the Ed Polzine Wild Game Feed in early February, help to fund the two days outdoor fun for the kids in setting created by the Baums. What was once a small stream that flowed through their rural Garretson property, has since been transformed into an outdoor oasis that’s used for special outings such as this or a wedding.

“We dug it out, stocked it with fish and every year do some landscaping,” Robin Baum explained.

But last Thursday and Friday wasn’t about the Baum’s rural oasis. Instead, it focused on creating a special day for some special kids such as Kaedence.

“She’s loving it,” her mom, Kim, said. “It’s the first time for her and a first time for her mom and grandma to take her out. It’s beautiful.”

Garretson resident Jerome Johnson was kept busy baiting hooks and taking fish off.

“It’s a wonderful thing and touches you right here,” said Johnson, patting a hand across his heart.

With sunny blue skies overhead, Bob Nelson, past president of the Brandon Boss Gobblers and banquet chairman, said Thursday’s weather was perfect for the occasion.
“Every year we do this, we seem to be blessed with a beautiful day,” he said. “It’s like a Hallmark card.”
Over two days, Nelson said 85 to 90 kids from Children’s Care Hospital and School, would have the opportunity to fish.
“Listen to them squeal – they’re having fun,” he said. “Whether it’s rock climbing or fishing, they’re having fun, and it makes us feel good too.”

And they were catching fish, too, as dozens of red and white bobbers that dotted the Baum’s pond, did just that: bobbed up and down.

“The fish are biting,” Nelson said with a smile.

For Brandon volunteer Pam Miller, the opportunity to help out Thursday “sounded like fun.”

“It’s a blast. I miss working with kids. I used to do that a lot, so it’s fun to get back to working with them,” said the former Brandon Valley High School secretary as she slid a worm onto a hook. “My husband still thinks I don’t bait hooks, so let’s just keep that a secret.”

Five-year-old Kaedence Kasdorf can't keep from laughing as she fishes alongside her grandmother, Florence Eischens, at a pond on the Kevin and Robin Baum property located north of Garretson. Kaedence was one of about 100 kids from Childrens Care Hospital and School in Sioux Falls who treated to a day of fishing, compliments of the Brandon Boss Gobblers and the Baums. Photo by Jill Meier

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