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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Volunteers sought to talk up intermediate school project

October 25. 2013 9:46AM
The Brandon Valley School Board has set Dec. 3, 2013 as election day asking voters to approve a bond issue for $5,950,000 to be used for the construction and equipping of a new intermediate school. The proposed building will more appropriately group 5th and 6th grade students into their own building that can be designed to specifically meet the learning needs of these young adolescents. At the same time, the new intermediate school would relieve middle school and elementary schools of one grade level each. The overcrowding at the middle school and in-town elementary schools will be eased buying the district time before another new elementary school will be needed.

The steady enrollment growth in Brandon Valley is a welcome part of our communities’ development and with that growth comes the need to keep up with the facilities we need to provide quality-learning environments for our students. The school board is only asking for a portion of the cost of the new building to come from the proposed bond. Current estimates are that the cost of the bond issue is approximately $0.28 per thousand of taxable valuation. The rest of the funds needed to build the proposed intermediate school will come from the Capital Outlay Fund and will not result in any additional property taxes for those monies.

A committee is forming to promote the bond issue throughout the district and it is looking for volunteers willing to help. If you are interested in becoming part of this group please send an email to and I will pass on your interest to the committee.

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