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Friday, March 27, 2015
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BVHS students to help disabled veterans
Community invited to Friday assembly
By By Evelyn Jorgenson
BVHS intern

November 08. 2013 9:47AM
Brandon Valley students will be raising money for during the week with 100 percent of the donations going to the Disabled Veterans of America.

“We want to stress that just as the brave soldiers have served America,” high school social studies teacher Jeremy Risty said, “We can help serve them by donating our time, money and thanks to the Disabled Veterans of America.”

The students will be making donations in their classes before lunch, where they also have been discussing Veteran’s Day. They also will bring in photographs of veterans to be displayed at the high school.

An hour-long assembly will take place for the students at the high school Friday. This will be the first Veteran’s Day assembly in several years.
“We are excited to bring them back,” Risty said.

Focusing on the Disabled Veterans of America, the theme for the assembly is, largely, service. The speaker will be the Disabled Veterans of America commander, Ritch Wilson.

The assembly also will include musical selections by the choir and band as interviews with a few Bethany Meadows residents.

“Although I do not have a personal connection to the Disabled Veterans of America,” Risty said, “it is an admirable organization that serves a very noble goal.”

Students at Robert Bennis Elementary, Fred Assam Elementary and Brandon Valley High School each staged programs Friday to honor our veterans. Challenger file photo

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