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Friday, December 26, 2014
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Police report: 11/11

November 11. 2013 7:38AM
Friday, Nov. 8
• Motorist assist at North Pasque Flower Trail and East Redwood Boulevard.
• Suspicious subject in 2000 block of South Sioux Boulevard, gone on officer’s arrival.
• Fraud reported in 300 block of South Sixth Avenue, under investigation.
• Assist DOC with trying to locate a subject in 1020 block of East Magnolia Drive.
• Two-vehicle accident in 410 block of North Ninth Avenue, $600; one driver cited for unsafe backing.
• Fraud reported in 210 block of East Meadowlark Court, under investigation.
• Fraud reported in 1300 block of South Sioux Boulevard, under investigation.
• Motorist assist in 1000 block of North Splitrock Boulevard.
• Assist Sheriff’s office with suspicious vehicle, occurred in county.
• Assist Sioux Falls Police with a subject making disorderly phone calls in 1300 block of East Sylvan Circle.
• Hit-and-run accident reported in 1910 block of East River Bluff Drive, under investigation.

Saturday, Nov. 9
• Tagged two abandoned vehicles in 500 block of South Fourth Avenue.
• Medical emergency in 120 block of South Fourth Avenue, turned over to MED-Star.
• Runaway reported in 410 block of North Yellowstone Drive, under investigation.
• Found property at East Custer Parkway and North Needles Drive.
Intoxicated subject at East Holly and Splitrock boulevards, gave ride home.

Sunday, Nov. 10
• Found property in 100 block of South Robin Place.
• Assist Sheriff’s office with disorderly subject, occurred in county.
• Trevor Robert Quincey, 38, arrested for warrant service.
• Assist Sioux Falls Police with trying to locate a subject, unable to locate.

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