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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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BVMS thespians bring variety of classic stories to life on stage
By By Evelyn Jorgenson
BVHS intern

November 21. 2013 6:00AM
Thirty-five Brandon Valley Middle School students will be presenting “Crumpled Classics” Thursday at 7 p.m. in the high school performing arts center.

High school students, Emily Oyos and Nicole Peterson, have been assisting in the performance. Out of those participating in the play, 15 have prior stage experience.
Playing the leads this year are Faith Burch as Juliet and Jasmine; Ellie Holmes filling the roles of Brit and Christine Daie; Tyson Newton as Scott and Romeo; Bailey Frantz as Ursula and Frankie; Izzy DeWitt playing the roles of Sophie and Iva and Shirley Holmes; and KJ Davis as Abigail and Watson.

The play offers a fun twist on a few classic stories including Romeo and Juliet, Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock Holmes, and King Arthur. A group of students modernized these classics, making them more applicable for 21st Century audiences.

“Mrs. Namanny and I both were looking through different script summaries,” director and middle school teacher Brady Olson said, “and both of us had this marked as our top choice so we went with it.”

Olson and Kendra Namanny have been co-directing middle school plays for the past seven years. He has been impressed with the ability the kids have every year to personalize the parts and add their own creative touches.

“ I love being part of the middle school play because you get to be around the students in a different environment, and these kids are so funny and creative,” Olson said. “It is amazing what they come up with.”
With a month to practice, time seemed to be an issue, but after only the first week most of the students already had their lines memorized, Olson said. He said he and Namanny have been working with a great group of students that have been pouring their hearts into the upcoming performance.

“It has been so much fun watching the kids perform,” Olson said. “They have a ton of talent and at times Mrs. Namanny and I just get to sit back watch and laugh.”

Tyson Newtwon (as Scott) is unsuccessfully using his smooth (or not so smooth) moves to get Faith Burch (as Jasmine) to go to the Spring Fling with him during a scene of BVMS's performance of "Crumpled Classics" Thursday evening in the Performing Arts Center. Photo by Jill Meier

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