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Sunday, December 28, 2014
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Police report: 11/26

December 04. 2013 9:31AM
Monday, Nov. 25
Medical emergency in 910 block South Nicholas Avenue, turned over to Med-Star.
Public assist in 300 block South Splitrock Boulevard.
Report of a possible intoxicated driver at North Splitrock Boulevard and East Redwood Boulevard, checked OK, unfounded.
Report of a hit and run accident at West Holly Boulevard and Sandstone Avenue, under investigation.
Jesse Lee Clyde, 23, arrested for warrant service in 100 block of South Teton Drive.
Traffic hazard at South Fifth Avenue and East Aspen Boulevard, removed from roadway.

Tuesday, Nov. 26
Two-vehicle accident at West Holly Boulevard and South Sandstone Avenue, $6,150 damage.
Report of a possible burglary in 400 block of South Yellowstone Drive, checked OK, unfounded.
Marlon Derale Henry, 25, arrested for warrant service.
Nancy Thammavongkeo, 22, arrested for warrant service.

Wednesday, Nov. 27
Tagged abandoned vehicle at North Sioux and Redwood boulevards.
Report of illegal dumping in 100 block of East Cedar Street, unfounded.
Juvenile delinquency reported in 300 block of South Splitrock Boulevard, cited for underage tobacco.
Disorderly juvenile in 700 block of East Holly Boulevard, advised, sent on way.
Neighbor dispute in 120 block of South Fourth Avenue, all advised.
Burglary reported in 200 block of South Heritage Court, under investigation.
Assist Brandon Volunteer Fire Department with carbon monoxide call in 700 block of South Nicholas Avenue.
Jeffrey Scott Schreurs, 50, arrested for simple assault in 320 block of South Splitrock Boulevard.
Found property in 300 block of West Parkview Court.

Thursday, Nov. 28
Public assist in 300 block of South Main Avenue.
Assist Sheriff's office with injury accident, occurred in county.
Motorist assist in 400 block of South Splitrock Boulevard.
Medical emergency in 810 block of East Magnolia Drive, turned over to Med-Star.
Parking complaint in 110 block of West River Oak Street, tagged.
Suspicious vehicle in 1820 block of North Plum Avenue, unable to locate.
Suspicious vehicle at McHardy Park, checked OK, advised.
Assist Brandon Volunteer Fire Department with carbon monoxide call in 310 block of South Heritage Court.

Animal complaints
Stray dog in 2000 block of South Sioux Boulevard.
Check on dog in 1500 bock East Redwood Boulevard.
Stray dog in 100 block West Birchwood Drive.
Stray dog in 320 block South Heritage Court.

This week, the Brandon Police issued 11 citations and 16 warnings.

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