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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Police report: 12/26

December 26. 2013 9:34AM
Monday, Dec. 23
Tagged abandoned vehicle in 1000 block of South Splitrock Boulevard.
Disorderly juveniles in 300 block of South Sunset Drive, advised juveniles and their parents.
Neighbor dispute in 920 block of North Joslyn Drive, all advised.
Disorderly subject at East Holly Boulevard and North Maple Avenue, advised.
Check security in 920 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, checked OK, advised.
Nikolis William Childers, 23, arrested for possession of marijuana/paraphernalia and warrant service.
Fire alarm in 810 block of East Heatherwood Drive, turned over to Brandon Fire Department.

Tuesday, Dec. 24
Two fire alarms in 1820 block of North Plum Avenue, turned over to Brandon Fire Department.
Two-vehicle accident in 1000 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, $800; one driver cited for illegal turn.
Medical emergencies in 100 block of South Teton Drive and 100 block of South Sandstone Avenue, turned over to MED-Star.
Family dispute in 1100 block of East Teakwood Street, all advised.
Assist Highway Patrol with an accident on I-90.

Wednesday, Dec. 25
Public assist in 800 block of South Fifth Avenue.
Suspicious activity in 100 block of South Splitrock Boulevard, checked OK.
Disorderly subject in 1020 block of East Magnolia Drive, all parties advised.

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