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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Police report: 12/30

December 30. 2013 7:44AM
Thursday, Dec. 26
Assist DOC in 900 block of East Pine Street with lodging Trace Smykle.
Assist Highway Patrol with accident on I-90.
Parking violation at East Redwood Boulevard and North Pasque Flower Trail, advised.
Medical emergency in 1510 block of West Holly Boulevard, turned over to MED-Star.
Fraud reported in 520 block of North Needles Drive, under investigation.
Disorderly subjects in 1700 block of East Sylvan Circle, all advised.
Suspicious vehicle in 700 block of South McHardy Road, checked OK.
Traffic hazard in 2010 block of South Splitrock Boulevard, removed from roadway.
Assist Sioux Falls Police with a drug evaluation.

Friday, Dec. 27
Check well-being of subject in 1410 block of East Rushmore Drive, unable to locate.
Illegal dumping reported in 110 block of East Holly Boulevard, subject advised.
Check well-being of subject in 1200 block of East Redwood Boulevard, advised.
Runaway reported in 410 block of North Yellowstone Drive, returned home.
Joseph Robert Matzen, 36, arrested for DUI-1st.
Juvenile arrested for DUI-1st, underage alcohol, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.
Disorderly subjects in 1300 block of East Sylvan Circle, subject taken to DeTox.

Saturday, Dec. 28
CHINS reported in 110 block of East Robin Place, advised.
Public assist in 300 block of South Main Avenue.
Nancy Kaye Michael, 48, arrested for DUI-1st.
Donald Charles Ohmann, 24, arrested for warrant service.
Suspicious activity in 2600 block of East Sunrise Court, unable to locate subjects.
Check security in 1410 block of South Parkview Boulevard.
Sheri Lynn Mogck, 44, arrested for DUI-1st.
Alarm in 100 block of West Holly Boulevard, checked OK, unfounded.

Sunday, Dec. 29
Burglary reported in 110 block of East Cedar Street, under investigation.
Vandalism reported in 1100 block of East Teakwood Street, under investigation.
Medical emergency in 100 block of East Cedar Street, turned over to MED-Star.
Medical emergency in 500 block of North Tamarac Avenue, turned over to MED-Star.

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