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Sunday, March 29, 2015
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'Banged up' Lynx produce 6 place winners at LEs Tlustos Invite
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

February 05. 2014 10:28AM
They’re banged up and bruised a bit, but the Lynx wrestlers were able to escape the Les Tlustos Invitational Saturday in Brookings with six place winners.

“At the Les Tlustos tourney, we got beat up a little bit,” said Lynx head coach Kraig Presler.

The injuries start with Chase Small, who fills the 120-pound slot for Brandon Valley. He continues to have concussion symptoms. Matt Eigenberg (113 pounds) suffered a ligament injury in his ankle, and Conner Rowbotham (126 pounds) hurt his shoulder.
Rowbotham, however, was one of Brandon Valley’s six place winners. Before the injury, he had a 2-1 record on the day, but defaulted out as a precautionary measure, Presler said.

Junior Wyatt Winter improved his season mark to 30-7 on Saturday, producing three wins to get to the title 160-pound title match against Kasey Klapprodt of Rapid City Stevens. The West River wrestler defeated Winter by a 12-4 major decision.

“Wyatt wrestled very well to earn second place,” Presler said.

Brandon Valley sophomore Andrew Sorensen (195) finished the day with a 3-2 mark to get to the third place match. His first defeat of the day came against second place finisher, Tyson Sprinkle of Mitchell, who claimed the eight 9-8 win by decision in a match that could’ve gone either way. For third place, Harrisburg’s Matt Schirado decisioned the Lynx wrestler, 3-0.

Lynx senior Adam Presler (138) also went 3-2 on the day, with his first loss coming against Roosevelt’s Kyle Yasgar, who won the overtime match. For third place, Presler went up against another familiar opponent in Mitchell’s Landon Neugebauer, who took the match by a 3-1 decision.

Now back from injury, Jackson Pletten (132) took seventh place. The Lynx freshman outscored Mitchell’s Trey Hohn 11-2 to garner the major decision victory.

“Jackson is making great strides after missing over a month with a shoulder injury,” Coach Presler said.

The final Lynx wrestler to make it to the awards stand Saturday was Erin Eigenberg (182). The Lynx senior won seventh place when Dell Rapids’ Reice Tiernan has to bow out for medical reasons.

“Eric earned seventh place with a solid performance,” Presler said.

This week, the Lynx junior varsity wrestlers have a tourney at Mitchell, and the varsity ranks will compete at the Sioux Falls Pentagon tournament this Friday and Saturday.
Les Tlustos Invite, Brookings

Team scores: Roosevelt 207.5, Rapid City Central 191, Washington 155, R.C. Stevens 142.5, Brookings 139.5, Pierre 138 Mitchell 117.5, Spearfish 108, Brandon Valley 94.5, Madison 76.5, West Central 69, Harrisburg 66, Dell Rapids 57, Lennox 44, Lincoln 29, Sisseton 25, Yankton 22.

Brandon Valley results
106: Austin Senger (Pie) tf. Payton Braun 30-7; Clayton Hanisch (WC) wins ultimate tiebreaker over Braun 10-5. 113: Riley McSherry (RCC) tf. Matt Eigenberg 17-1; Eigenberg p. Brandon Bedell (SFL) 2:56; Wesley Weischedel (Len) wins by injury default over Eigenberg. 120: Blake Anderson (RCC) md. Chase Small 13-3; Small (BV) – bye; Jesse Kuebler (Brk) wins by forfeit. 126: Conner Rowbotham (BV) dec. Justis Spray (RCC) 7-3; Rance Sivertsen (Spr) p. Rowbotham 3:15; Rowbotham md. DJ HighBear (Pie) 10-1; Tristen Boeckholt (WC) wins by medical forfeit over Rowbotham; 7th place match-Jacob School (Brk) wins by forfeit over Rowbotham. 132: Jackson Pletten (BV) p. Trevor Archer (Siss) 1:02; Hayden Hansen (RCC) p. Pletten 5:35; Pletten tf. James Lueders (DR) 16-0; Tayt Boeckholt (WC) p. Pletten 1:46. 7th place match-Pletten md. Trey Hohn (Mit) 11-2.
136: Adam Presler (BV) bye; A. Presler md. Jake Anderson (WC) 13-1; Kyle Yasgar (SFR) wins ultimate tiebreaker over Presler 6-6; Presler dec. Spencer Sarringar (Pie) 7-0; 3rd place match-Landon Neugebauer (Mit) dec. Presler 3-1. 145: Tyler Guthmiller (Mad) p. Connor Smith 4:58; C. Smith dec. Daniel Espinoza (RCS) 5-2; Zach Freese (SFW) p. Smith 2:27. 152: Alex Herrick (Mit) p. Jack Sternburg 4:34; Sternburg md. Luke Jamison (SFL) 13-4; Tyrelle Anthony (Sis) md. Sternburg 15-4. 160: Wyatt Winter (BV) p. Jonah Rechtenbaugh (WC) 3:05; Winter p. Wyatt Leesman (Pie) 3:44; Winter dec. Matt Larson (Mit) 8-2; 1st place match-Kasey Klapprodt (RCS) md. Winter 12-4. 170: Nate Guthmiller (Mad) dec. Spencer Heidbrink 8-7; Heidbrink p. Max Hooker (SFL) 2:04; Brock Reinhiller (DR) md. Heidbrink 11-2. 170: Lane Warzecha (Har) p. Lincoln Ode 4:43; Ode (BV) bye; Dorian Simpson (SFW) md. Ode 12-1.
182: Martin Mueller (RCC) p. Levi Sternburg 0:57; Sternburg p. Josh Currence (Sis) 2:08; Eric Eigenberg (BV) p. Sternburg 1:16. 182: Eric Eigenberg (BV) bye; Francis Boehmer (SFR) p. Eigenberg 1:06; Eigenberg p. Levi Sternburg (BV) 1:16; Matt Schievelbein (SFW) dec. Eigenberg 7-4; 7th place match-Eigenberg wins by medical forfeit over Reice Tiernan (DR). 195: Andrew Sorensen (BV) p. Ty Olson (RCS) 0:27; Tyson Sprinkle (Mit) dec. Sorensen 9-8; Sorensen p. David Mulba (SFR) 1:53; Sorensen dec. Brady Rude (RCC) 13-8; Sorensen p. Zach Schneider 2:14; 3rd place match-Matt Schirado (Har) dec. Sorensen 3-0. 220: Clayton Ebright (BV) dec. Alex Capell (SFR) 4-0; Leon Maxwell (DR) p. Ebright 0:38; Ebright dec. Sam Metivier (Len) 13-8; Ebright md. Austin Amick (Spr) 10-2; Cody Carlson (RCC) p. Ebright 1:42; 5th place match-Morgan Keller (RCS) p. Ebright 0:32. 285: Chris Vroman (SFW) p. Andy Holmes (BV) 0:40; Holmes dec. Brendan Rotert (Spr) 3-1; Hunter Hanley (WC) dec. Holmes 5-3.

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