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Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Four candidates to square off for 2 open city positions
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

March 06. 2014 10:38AM
Ward 1 voters in Brandon and the entire voting population in the city of Valley Springs will be going to the polls next month.

In Brandon, Ward 1 voters on April 8 will decide between incumbent Barb Fish and challenger Todd Anawski for the four-year term.

This May, Fish will fulfill her first, four-year term.

Valley Springs voters will choose to re-elect Mayor Carl Moss or challenger Tami Jansma. Moss was appointed as the town’s mayor following the passing of longtime Mayor Neal Scadde, who died in late April 2014. Janmsa was elected to a five-year City Commission position in April 2012.

If Jansma is successful in her bid for mayor, Valley Springs Finance Officer Sandy Severtson said the Commission would then appoint someone to the position until the next election.

There was also one other opening for leadership boards in both Brandon and Valley Springs.

Robert “Bob” Smith, who was appointed at the start of the year to fill out the remaining four months of Bob Bruning’s Ward 3 chair, was the only person to file for the vacant four-year term.

A five-year City Commission chair remains open in Valley Springs. The chair is currently filled by Lance Bauske, who was appointed to the City Commission in mid-May, filling the vacancy created when Moss was appointed to mayor.

Because no one filed for the open Commission chair, Severtson said the city leaders will appoint someone to fill the vacancy, also until the next election.

The winner of the April 8 election in Brandon will take office at the May 5 City Council meeting, and the winning mayoral candidate in Valley Springs will take office at their May 13 meeting.
Ward 1 voters in Brandon will go to the polls at the Council Chambers located on Main Avenue next to City Hall.

City accounting clerk Christina Smith said this election would not require three voting precincts, which were recently approved by the Minnehaha County Commission. To help alleviate long voting lines, for the upcoming primary and general elections,
Brandon will have three voting precincts: the Council Chambers, the fire hall and the Brandon Municipal Golf Course. Smith said those precincts will first be used in the June 3 primary election.

Ward I voters in Brandon and voters in the city of Valley Springs will be going to the polls April 8. Challenger file photo

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