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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Engineers Without Borders plans water awareness night
By Staff reports

March 26. 2014 9:20AM
One in six people in the world have no access to clean drinking water while it is a precious resource taken for granted throughout the United States.

The SDSU chapter of Engineers Without Borders is seeking to raise awareness of this global need through a 90-minute presentation at 7 p.m. tonight in Rotunda B on the South Dakota State University campus.

Deidre Beck, president of the chapter, said the evening’s program – “Water: Ripples of Global Change”– will include a presentation on the work the group is doing in Bolivia as well as videos on water and sanitation projects in other underdeveloped areas.

This August, seven chapter members and a sponsor will travel to Carmen Pampa, Bolivia, for its fifth visit in four years. Like the 2013 trip, SDSU will join students from Fairfield (Conn.) University and its dean of the school of engineering, Bruce Berdanier.
Berdanier served as head of the SDSU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering until June 2013 and helped relaunch the SDSU Engineers Without Borders chapter.

During the 2014 trip to the remote, mountainous west-central Bolivian village that is home to Unidad Academica Campesina, students will install a water chlorinator on the lower campus. The project’s survey work was done in 2013. In 2012, a chlorinator was installed on the upper campus.

At tonight’s meeting, free-will donations will be collected to help with the chapter’s project.

For more information, contact Beck at

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