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Sunday, December 28, 2014
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District growth, retirements constitute new hires

April 17. 2014 9:18AM
The district is in the middle of the hiring season for new employees for next year. The school board has approved nine new positions in response to the continued growth of the district. In addition to the new positions there are currently three teacher retirements and several other resignations. This means principals are busy sorting through applications and conducting interviews to find highly qualified people to work with students.

The middle school will be adding another English/language arts teacher and an eighth grade science teacher. The addition of the science teacher will relieve guidance counselors from science teaching responsibilities and give them the time they need in their primary role as counselors.

Fred Assam Elementary is the district’s fastest growing elementary school and it needs five new teachers and some additional help in physical education and art. This school is estimated to have 500 students next year.

The district is also adding another school psychologist in the Special Services Department again due to enrollment growth. As the district grows generally, the number of those needing special services to be successful also grows.

There may be additional positions requested as time passes and enrollments for next year become more concrete. The “creation of learning environments that result in success”, our district’s Core Operating Principle, depends heavily on hiring and supporting great people in the system. The school administrators are working to ensure that happens through the hiring processes.

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