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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Police report: 6/3

June 03. 2014 2:54PM
Monday, June 2
• Disorderly subjects in 1300 block of East Custer Parkway, located at Aspen Park, all advised.
• Theft reported in 910 block of South Aspen Road, located property, unfounded.
• Found property in 400 block of South Splitrock Boulevard.
• Assist Sheriff’s office with an accident, occurred in county.
• Suspicious subject in 2300 block of East Pebble Beach Lane, checked OK.
• Noise disturbance in 500 block of North Needles Drive, advised.
• Theft reported in 800 block of East Pine Street, under investigation.
• Disorderly subjects in 1000 block of East Aspen Boulevard, advised.
• Disorderly subjects in 720 block of South McHardy Road, gone on officer’s arrival.
• Motorist assist at East Aspen and South Splitrock boulevards.

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