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Monday, October 20, 2014
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Police report: 6/26

June 26. 2014 9:48AM
Tuesday, June 24
• Assist Sheriff’s office with injury accident, occurred in county
• Check well-being of subject in 100 block of South Teton Drive, advised.
• Disorderly subject in 110 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, unable to locate.

Wednesday, June 25
• Medical emergency in 3010 block of East Aspen Boulevard, turned over to MED-Star.
• Assist Sioux Falls Police with locating an individual in 100 block of South Teton Drive.
• Kathleen Susan Burns, 55, arrested for an assault.
• Suspicious subject in 910 block of South Aspen Park Road, checked OK, advised.
• Motorist assist in 400 block of South Splitrock Boulevard.

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