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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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BVSD selling bus passes "after hours" July 30 thru Aug. 1

July 16. 2014 10:17AM
It is hard to believe that summer is half gone and it is time to begin thinking about the coming school year. One of the annual deadlines for many families is Aug. 4. That is the last day to purchase bus passes if the students are to be scheduled for the first week of school. This year the Transportation Office is providing three “open house” opportunities. The office will be open until 9 p.m. on July 30, 31 and Aug. 1 to accommodate those patrons who find it difficult to purchase passes during the normal business hours.

Those who purchase passes at the Transportation Office are asked to pay by exact cash or check since the office is not able to process credit or debit cards. Those who prefer a credit card transaction can use the online web store to purchase passes without making a special trip to the office.

We are often asked why there is such an early deadline for the purchase of passes. With nearly 1,800 riders that need to be individually scheduled in the most efficient routes the transportation office needs the two weeks to accomplish the task and get information back to families. Since each pass affects the routing, it is nearly impossible to continually try to reschedule for late passes as they dribble in each day. It is almost like starting over every day. By scheduling the on-time passes for the first week of school and holding the late passes to be scheduled at one time to begin riding the second week, the task is manageable. The district truly appreciates those who purchase passes by the deadline!

The first day of school this year is Aug.19. Summer projects are progressing on schedule and we will be ready for our students to return. The Marching Lynx will soon begin preparing for the upcoming season and athletic practices and camps will not be far behind.

Questions regarding bus passes can be answered by calling the Transportation Office at 582-3514.

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