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Saturday, January 31, 2015
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Police report: 7/21

July 21. 2014 3:51PM
Friday, July 18
Medical emergency in 25970 block of 482nd Avenue, turned over to MED-Star.
Public assist in 1200 block of East Cedar Street.
Gas skip reported in 1000 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, advised.
Disorderly subjects in 2000 block of South Sioux Boulevard, checked OK, advised.
Two-vehicle accident in 230 block of South Splitrock Boulevard, $1,100.
Parking complaint in 1800 block of East Sylvan Circle, owner advised.
Report of an intoxicated subject in 210 block of South Main Avenue, checked OK, advised.
Reckless driver in 200 block of East Seth, located and advised.
Assist Park Ranger at Big Sioux Rec for an underage alcohol violation, juvenile was cited.
Disorderly subject in 100 block of West Holly Boulevard, checked OK, advised, sent on way.
Alarm in 510 block of North Oak Ridge Road, checked OK, unfounded.

Saturday, July 19
Suspicious vehicle in 100 block of South Splitrock Boulevard, checked OK, advised.
Motorist assist on I-90 and MM 406, medical emergency turned over to MED-Star.
Christopher Phillip Nielsen, 36, arrested for warrant service.
Disorderly subject in 1100 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, advised, sent on way.
Mark Theodore Manz, 58, arrested for warrant service.

Sunday, July 20
Gas skip reported in 920 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, advised.
Found narcotics in 210 block of South Sixth Avenue.
Narcotics violation in 1210 block of East Keystone Place, under investigation.

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