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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Police report: 7/22

July 22. 2014 10:44AM
Monday, July 21
Two-vehicle accident at West Holly Boulevard and Heritage Road, $5,700; one driver cited for careless driving.
Assist Sioux Falls Police with recovering stolen property in 110 block of South Cardinal Drive.
Assist Lincoln County Sheriffs office with locating subject from a gas skip in 1000 block of East Cottonwood Drive.
Fraud reported in 500 block of East Elm Street, advised.
Check well-being of children in 1720 block of South Mulberry Avenue checked OK, advised.
Report of possible liquor law violation in 100 block of South Yellowstone Drive, checked OK, unfounded.
Child custody dispute in 1720 block of South Mulberry Avenue, advised.
Suspicious subjects in 920 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, advised, sent on way.

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