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Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Watertown area group claims $230,000 Wild Card 2 jackpot
By Staff reports

July 24. 2014 10:40AM
A group of 14 co-workers from a Watertown area business on Wednesday claimed their $230,000 Wild Card 2 jackpot from the July 19, 2014 drawing at the Sioux Falls Lottery office.

The “EMPI 14”, comprised of 12 women and two men, all work in the West Building of the EMPI facility in Clear Lake. They’ve been purchasing lottery tickets as a group for a number of years and this is their first jackpot win.

If split equally, each member of the “EMPI 14” will receive about $12,321 after taxes. Members of the group include:

* Rhonda Baxter, Clear Lake

* Donna Crooks, Astoria

* Linda Kalsbeck, Watertown

* Diane Koopman, Clear Lake

* Louis Lasart, Watertown

* Carol Nagelhout, Castlewood

* Rory Pond, Aurora

* Margo Sample, Clear Lake

* Mary Schake, Clear Lake

* Gail Seeklander, Bruce

* Dianna Theisen, Clear Lake

* Loretta Tvedt, Brandt

* Carolynn Webber, Gary

* Kay Wieber, Clear Lake

The odds of winning the top prize in Wild Card 2 are 1:1,898,688. The winning ticket was purchased at Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits on 9th Avenue in Watertown; the business will receive a $2,300 bonus for the sale.

Wild Card 2 is played in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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