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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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From Brandon, Manitoba, Canada to Brandon, S.D.
Shriners from across Midwest entertain local crowd with near 2-hour parade
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

August 26. 2014 10:44AM
Armed with their country’s red and white maple leaf design flag, 13 women from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, set up camp Saturday morning at the corner of Holly Boulevard and Fourth Avenue in Brandon, S.D. Sharply dressed in red capris and white shirts, the ladies hooted and hollered and proudly waved their country’s flag as Shrine units from their native country and across the Midwest paraded by.

Saturday’s near two-hour parade down the city’s Holly Boulevard was part of the Aug. 20-23 Midwest Shrine Association’s annual gathering that drew thousands of Shriners and their supporting casts from Canada and the Midwest to the Sioux Falls area.

“We are the Brandon Car Patrol Ladies,” proudly announced, Judy Kindradt, one of the red and white clad Canadian cheerleaders. “They’re the ones who drive the little white Mustangs and they even got first place in competition.”

“But we cheer for everybody,” tosses in Lorraine Griffith. “We’re just great supporters.”

The two women said they were enjoying their Saturday morning in Brandon, and gave their extended stay in the area a thumbs-up approval.

The women did mention a few noticeable differences between their Brandon and Brandon, S.D.

“Our Brandon is about 45,000,” Kindradt said. “But you’re Brandon’s newer, a lot newer, and everybody’s been so friendly, it’s been fabulous.”

Following Saturday’s parade, the Brandon, Manitoba, Canada crew hit the road for their 10-hour journey home.
“It’s in Fargo next year,” Kindradt informs. “That’s a little closer – eh!”

Chris Karr, public relations director for the El Riad Shrine, which hosted the Midwest Shrine Association’s annual gathering, said Saturday’s parade in Brandon, as well as the Thursday evening parade in neighboring Tea, were well received by the communities. The parades featured only Shrine units of horse corps, motor corps, clowns, and oriental and big bands.

Shriners salute the crew of the red and white-clad "cheerleaders" from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, during Saturday's parade in Brandon, S.D. For more photos from the parade, check out the photo gallery. Photo by Jill Meier

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