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Monday, March 30, 2015
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Lady Lynx open season with 2 wins at home quad
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

August 26. 2014 1:26PM
Brandon Valley proved to be the better of two of three girl’s tennis programs at Friday’s home season opener, a quadrangular with visiting Rapid City Stevens, Watertown and Brookings. The Lady Lynx dropped a 6-3 loss to Stevens, then rebounded by disposing of ESD opponents in a 6-3 win over Watertown followed up by 9-0 blanking of Brookings.

“I was very pleased with our opening day,” said Lynx head coach Chris Dummermuth. “We won two duals and suffered a 6-3 loss to one of the top teams in the state while we were trying out three new doubles pairings and debuting two players to varsity competition. I consider that a productive day at the office!”

Jessica Sadler lived up to her No. 1 singles role Friday. The Lady Lynx junior went unscathed in all three matches, as did Marie Schmitz (No. 4 singles) and the No. 2 doubles team of Makenzie Marso and Schmitz.

The 2-1 Lady Lynx hit the road for three days of West River tennis action, starting with back-to-back duals against Pierre and St. Thomas More on Thursday. Brandon Valley starts Friday off with a dual against Rapid City Central, before playing in the two-day Rapid City Invite. Following the Labor Day break, the Lynx will play a dual at O’Gorman starting at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 2.
BV Quadrangular - Aug. 22
BV 3, R.C. Stevens 6
Singles: Jessica Sadler (BV) def. Alisha Wiedmeier 10-6; Tiana Duda (RCS) def. Makenzie Marso 10-3; Sarah Kelly (RCS) def. Hanna Mutschelknaus 10-7; Marie Schmitz (BV) def. Kimberely Christopher 10-8; Ingrid Anderson (RCS) def. Logan Hawkins 10-7; Allyson Riddle (RCS) def. Chandler Harstad. Doubles: Duda/Kelly (RCS) def. Sadler/Mutschelknaus 10-0; Marso/Schmitz (BV) def. Wiedmeier/Christopher 10-4; Hallie VanderWerf/Riddle (RCS) def. Emily Konz/Hawkins 10-4.

BV 6, Watertown 3
Singles: J. Sadler (BV) def. Rachel Gauger 10-7; Rachel Kjetland (W) def. M. Marso 10-6; Alie VanderWeide (W) def. H. Mutschelknaus 10-3; M. Schmitz (BV) def. Alli Cummings 10-7; L. Hawkins (BV) def. Abbey Rieber 10-3; Aubrey Moran (W) def. C. Harstad 10-8. Doubles: Sadler/Mutschelknaus (BV) def. Gauger/Kjetland 10-3; Marso/Schmitz (BV) def. VanderWeide/Cummings 10-5; E. Konz/Hawkins (BV) def. Rieber/Hailey Hauger 10-6.

BV 9, Brookings 0
Singles: J. Sadler def. Emma Lucchesi 10-0; M. Marso def. Beth Hildebrant 10-5; H. Mutschelknaus def. Taylor Logue 10-3; M. Schmitz def. Jane Ardry 10-0; L. Hawkins def. Bridget Knudtson 10-0; C. Harstad def. Rachel Kieksee 10-7. Doubles: Sadler/Mutschelknaus def. Lucchesi/Hildebrant 10-8; Marso/Schmitz def. Logue/Ardry 10-1; Hawkins/Konz def. Knudtson/Kiekse 10-3.

Jessica Sadler returns the ball in girl's tennis action Friday in Brandon. The Lady Lynx won two of their three matches in their season home opener, a quadrangular with Rapid City Stevens, Watertown and Brookings. Sadler went undefeated in No. 1 singles all day. Photo by Jill Meier

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