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Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Brandon Community Guide Topics

November 23. 2014 1:55AM
Basic Services
Where should you go to get your house up and running? This guide provides information on providers of cable TV/internet, electricity, garbage, natural and propane gas, newspaper, telephone and water and sewer in Brandon.

This day-by-day calendar lists sports and arts activities, community events, school holidays, club and organization meeting information and much more. If it happens in Brandon, itís listed here.

Child Care Providers
Child care providers are in big demand in Brandon. Here is a list of commercial and in-home providers of day care and preschool.

There are 15 churches in Brandon and the immediate area. This guide tells when they worship, where they are located and their contact information. It also provides information on the Brandon Valley Ministerial Association and Meals on Wheels, which is distributed through participating churches.

City Government
Brandon is governed by a mayor and city council. Their names and contact information are in this guide, along with information on when they meet. Included also is a list of Brandon Planning & Zoning Commission and Public Safety Committee members and their meeting times.

Clubs, Organizations
Want to get involved? This guide provides contact information and meeting times for civic groups, school organizations and hobbyist clubs. It also lists the community events each group sponsors. Brandon Event Center
Brandon has a convention center that is part of the Holiday Inn Express. Find out more about the convention center in this guide.

Industrial Park
Brandon has three industrial parks. Learn about them here.

Check out this guide to learn about Brandon Community Library, its hours and the services it offers.

Medical, Emergency
This guide provides information on Brandonís medical, dental and eye clinics, chiropractors, pharmacy, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, police and fire departments and ambulance services.

Check out this guide to learn about the Brandon Area Museum, its hours and the historical society that runs it.

Where do I register a pet? Can I park my boat at the curb? What is the curfew for 16 year olds in Brandon? Find the answers to these questions and more in this guide.

Quick Facts
Brandon is one of the fastest-growing cities in South Dakota. Look here for statistics on population, household numbers, building permits and taxable sales. This guide also includes the origin of the townís name and a few historical quick facts.

Recreation, Leisure
This guide tells about Brandonís Summer Rec program for children, its swimming pool, golf course, ball park, tennis courts, skateboard park and bicycle path. A list of parks includes the features of each. The guide also provides information on other recreation spots such as par-three golf course, race track, bowling alley and arcade.

This interactive guide to all eating spots in Brandon allows the user to search by cuisine, hours or price range. The guide also gives information about smoking policy, delivery options and other amenities.

The Brandon Valley School District serves Brandon, Valley Springs and a wide surrounding area. This guide gives information about school facilities as well as contact information for members of the Board of Education and when it meets.

Senior Programs
Look here to learn about senior citizen groups in Brandon and to find information on using Brandonís transit bus.

Check out this guide to Brandonís two performance theaters. One is an 800-seat, state-of-the-art auditorium at the high school and the other is a quaint community playhouse in Corson.

Top 10 Employers
Industry is Brandonís top employment category, followed by education and retail. See who employs the most people in this guide.

Voting, Legislative
Be an informed voter and let your voice be heard. This guide gives information on registering to vote. It also provides contact information for the people who represent the city in state and national government.