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Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Brandon Schools
Brandon Valley District No. 49-2

March 26. 2015 1:55AM
Brandon Valley School district formed in 1962 when Brandon and Valley Springs school districts consolidated. The school mascot is the Lynx. The district has three elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. A fourth elementary school is under construction. The administration center is located at the high school. The district operates on a $24.96 million annual budget and had 3,062 students during the 2007-2008 school year, according to district statistics.

Brandon Valley is the fifth largest school district in South Dakota:
Sioux Falls: 20,006
Rapid City: 13,405
Watertown: 3,753
Aberdeen: 3,724
Brandon Valley: 3,018
Source: State Department of Education, 2007 fall enrollment data

To learn more, visit.

Here is a list of the schools in the district.

Brandon Valley Administration Center
301 S. Splitrock Blvd., Brandon
David Pappone, superintendent, 582-2049,
Paul Lundberg, business manager, 582-2058

Brandon Valley High School
301 S. Splitrock Blvd., Brandon
Gregg Talcott, principal,

Brandon Valley Middle School
700 E. Holly Blvd., Brandon
Dan Pansch, principal,

Brandon Elementary
501 E. Holly Blvd., Brandon
Merle Horst, principal,

Robert Bennis Elementary
2001 S. Sioux Blvd., Brandon
Karen Heyden, principal,

Valley Springs Elementary
301 Valley Drive, Valley Springs
Tanya Czepull, principal,
582-2948, 757-6285

Fred Assam Elementary (under construction)
Sioux Falls

Community Education
Brandon Valley School District offers a spring and fall session of community education classes, as well as a summer drivers’ education program. Kevin Brick is the director of Brandon Valley’s Community Education program. Reach him at 582-8235 or

Brandon Valley Board of Education
The Brandon Valley Board of Education has five members, elected from the district at large. They serve three-year terms. The board meets the second and fourth Monday of each month 6:30 p.m. The board meets only once in July and in December, on the second Monday. Meetings are held at the Brandon Valley Middle School Media Center, except for the second meetings of October and April, which are held at the Valley Springs Elementary band room.

Meeting dates may be adjusted for holidays. To be placed on the agenda, call 582-2049.

These are the elected Brandon Valley Board of Education members:

Board president: Jean Bender
Address: 8502 E. Saddle Creek Road, Sioux Falls
Board member since: June 2006
Term expires: June 2009
Committees: Child Nutrition and Wellness (chair), Alternative Education (chair), Personnel Welfare

Board vice president: Jay Rasmussen
Address: 416 Lakota Circle
Board member since: June 2007
Term expires: June 2010
Committees: Buildings and Grounds (chair), City Affairs and Legislation (chair), Child Nutrition and Welfare

Board member: Gregg Ode
Address: 48170 266th St., Brandon
Board member since: June 2006
Term expires: June 2009
Committees: Personnel Welfare (chair), Building and Grounds, Curriculum and Technology

Board member: Renee Ullom
Address: 48410 Red Rock Road, Valley Springs
Board member since: June 2007
Term expires: June 2010
Committees: Transportation (chair), Curriculum and Technology (chair), Safety

Board member: Todd Egge
Addess: 58285 Creekview Circle, Brandon
Board member since: June 00
Term expires: June 2
Committees: Safety (chair), City Affairs and Legislation, Transportation, Alternative Education (alternate)

Open enrollment
South Dakota allows students to attend schools outside their home attendance area, in their district or outside it, if the desired schools have room. Parents or guardians who want to enroll a student in another school must apply with the school district the student wants to attend.

Applications are considered in the order they are received.

Open enrollment might affect participation in activities.

For questions, call 582-2049